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Doug Casey and E.B. Tucker on the Climate Change Hoax, Part 1

Doug says this is nothing more than hysteria. E.B. Tucker shares this controversial opinion.

E.B. Tucker on How to Take Advantage of the Coming Gold Boom, Part 2

“Look, nobody cares about these stocks right now – not even folks in the industry. But that’s good. It’s yet another sign we’re at the bottom. And that means we’re close to another historic run higher.”

E.B. Tucker on How to Take Advantage of the Coming Gold Boom, Part 1

“I believe we’ll see gold surpass its all-time high of $1,895 at some point in this cycle. It’s definitely in the cards.”

E.B. Tucker on the Top Sectors to Consider Today

Today, I sit down with former money manager and Strategic Investor editor E.B. Tucker for a big-picture view of the markets…

This Edge Can Lead You to Financial Independence

“As time passed, I had more winners and fewer losers. I started to develop a knack for getting it right. But more importantly, I knew which factors to look for and which ones to ignore.”

Doug Casey on Class Warfare

“Many billionaires are wealthy largely because they’re cronies. Frankly, they deserve to be eaten. But those are exactly the ones who are safest.”

What the Fed Is Telling Us to Buy Today

The U.S. markets are hooked on easy money. But this specific commodity stands to profit…